Friday, January 25, 2008

Murder On The Rocks

My alarm went off, I pressed snooze twice then listened as my ipod played Beethoven sharpening my mind and calming my senses. My ritual, unchanged apart from a change of songs strategically designed to awaken me gently and rouse me with vigor to face the coming day. Nothing has quite worked yet, although I remain an eternal optimist, every day a new song running the gamut from Snoop Dogg to Schubert.

But today as I pried my eyes open and pulled myself out of bed, a chill ran up my spine; something felt different, not quite right. Stealthily, I crept into the kitchen, my stomach turned and my feet felt like they were stuck in quicksand. It was too dark to see the details in the room, only the pink light of the dawn creeping in ever so slightly, viciously waiting to illuminate the scene. With every step the dread grew stronger and stronger. The lamp upturned on the table, glass and stones everywhere; blood and guts strewn upon the breakfast nook floor. A murder was committed while we soundly slept.

Decapitated; I find the body laying motionless on the floor. The smell of death (and something I couldn't quite decipher, maybe arrogance) loomed heavily in the air. All of a sudden, I caught a shadow from the corner of my eye; could it be that the debauched killer could still be here in MY HOUSE??!! Guardedly, I moved into the adjoining room so as not to be detected. After a few deep breaths, I rounded the corner at a snail's pace determined to meet the murderer eye to eye. I turned and I saw Him smugly staring right at me. What gumption, sitting there indifferent and unsympathetic; no remorse or distress, only calmness and tranquility.

Before I knew what was happening, He sprung at me, I darted to the left, but I was too slow to thwart His pace. He caught my leg and flew into me with a verve that was hard to describe. But just as suddenly as it started, the attack was over. I faced Him, unswervingly; searching for rationalization in His stare. He showed no remorse only pride as He inched His way toward the lifeless body. In one swift move, He procured the body and presented it to me at my feet; purring wildly.

I recognized then that this murder was a necessary evil. One for the greater good, committed without regret; to show His undying and steadfast love to me. As I raced to the car to acquire an impostor blue fish before the kids woke up, I discovered eternal truth within this tragedy: You can actually keep a fish alive for 2 years & Love trumps all.